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Gas Hot Water Services

Gas water heaters are recommended as they generate far fewer greenhouse gas emissions than standard electric systems.

There are two basic types of gas water heaters - continuous flow (instantaneous) systems and storage systems.

Both Continuous flow and storage units can be used with either natural gas(mains gas) or LPG (bottled gas). However LPG is usually only recommended when mains gas is not available as running costs are generally slightly higher, however still lower than electric system

Continuous flow water heaters

Continuous flow systems can not run out of water as they only heat the water required and do not use a storage tank. Due to this they are very economical to run as energy is only used for short bursts when hot water is required.

Continuous flow systems can be mounted internally with a flue to outside or externally on a convenient wall.

Storage water heaters

Water is heated and stored in an insulated tank for use when it is required. These systems can operate on mains pressure or from a gravity feed tank.

Mains Pressure: Hot water is delivered at a similar pressure and flow rate to cold water so more than one outlet can usually be turned on without greatly affecting pressure. The storage tank is located at ground level inside or outside the house.

Constant Pressure or Gravity Feed: Hot water is delivered at lower than mains pressure from a tank located in the roof of the house. Pressure depends on the height difference between the tank and the point of use. Gravity feed systems are most common for properties not connected to mains water.

Gas storage systems have quicker heat recovery times than a comparable electric storage system, meaning less time to wait for hot water to be available. Systems that are installed inside the house require a flue that leads outside to vent exhaust gas.